10 reasons why you should spend your holidays in Kappeln

Hafen mit Schiffen in Kappeln

Would you like to switch off and let your soul dangle, but you don’t really know where it will lead you? We can warmly recommend the city of Kappeln! Kappeln is a charming town on the Schlei in northern Germany with around 9,000 inhabitants and offers many interesting sights and activities. This is exactly why the city is the perfect place for your next vacation! We give you 10 reasons why you should go on vacation in Kappeln.

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  1. The picturesque location: Kappeln is located on the Schlei, a beautiful bay surrounded by rolling hills and meadows. The view is breathtaking and offers a relaxing and idyllic atmosphere.
  2. The historic old town : Kappeln has a well-preserved old town with cobbled streets and pretty half-timbered houses. There are many cafes and restaurants where you can sit comfortably and enjoy the ambience.
  3. The maritime atmosphere: Kappeln is a traditional fishing village with a beautiful harbor and a long maritime history. Here you can feel very close to the sea air and the sea on walks along the harbor or on boat tours through the Schlei.
  4. The many recreational opportunities: Whether you like hiking, cycling or swimming – there are many recreational opportunities in Kappeln. The area offers numerous routes and hiking trails and many bathing opportunities.
  5. Proximity to the Baltic Sea : Kappeln is only a few kilometers from the Baltic Sea coast, making it an ideal base for exploring the nearby beaches and attractions.
  6. The rich cultural history : Kappeln has a long history and tradition, which is kept alive in the many museums, exhibitions and cultural events in the city.
  7. The regional specialties : There are many regional specialties to try in and around Kappeln, including fresh fish, crabs, fried potatoes and homemade cakes and tarts.
  8. The cozy places to stay: Kappeln offers plenty of cozy places to stay, including holiday apartments, guesthouses and hotels, perfect for relaxing and enjoying the city.
  9. The Friendly Locals : Kappeln is a friendly and welcoming town where the locals love to greet tourists and share their culture and history.
  10. The unforgettable experiences: Whether you are traveling with friends or family or traveling alone, Kappeln offers unforgettable experiences and memories that will accompany you for a lifetime.


Now we have given you 10 reasons why you should spend your holidays in Kappeln. But let’s not forget the most important reason – cycling. 

Biking in Kappeln is a popular activity as the town is surrounded by numerous scenic bike trails. The region offers a varied landscape, including flat routes through the quaint coastal villages or more challenging routes through the hills in the hinterland. One of the best-known routes in the area is the Baltic Coast Cycle Route, which stretches from Flensburg to Lübeck and passes by Kappeln on its way. The route offers stunning views of the Baltic Sea and passes through many charming seaside towns.

There are also numerous local routes, such as the Angeliter Obst- und Kulturweg or the Schlei Cycle Path, which circles the idyllic Schlei. There is also the option of renting an e-bike to make it easier to climb the hills in the region. It is advisable to take a map or GPS device with you to find the best trails in the region. Most cycle routes are well signposted, but it’s always good to research the route in advance.

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