Discover the Schlei: A trip by canoe through one of the most beautiful areas in Europe

Frau im Kanu auf dem Wasser

Discover the unique beauty of the Schlei in a special way – a canoe trip. Enjoy the picturesque landscape and explore the natural spectacle of the forests and beautiful beaches that make the Schlei one of the most beautiful areas in Europe. This adventure will take you on a unique and unforgettable journey.

Would you like to discover the beauty of the Schlei and experience an unforgettable journey through one of the most beautiful regions in Europe? Then you are exactly right here! A canoe tour through the Schlei is a unique opportunity to experience the Baltic Sea and the Schlei region from a whole new perspective. But before you start, good preparation is the be-all and end-all. In this blog article you will find out everything you need to know about your canoe tour – we have summarized all the tips and tricks. So grab your paddle and explore the Schlei!

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Why a canoe trip?

Imagine paddling comfortably on the calm waters of the Schlei and enjoying the untouched nature around you. You can hear the birds chirping and the water lapping. A canoe trip offers you the opportunity to discover the Schlei in a unique way. You get to places that cannot be reached by car or on foot and you can experience nature from a different perspective. Also, canoeing is an eco-friendly way of traveling and you can exercise at the same time. So, what are you waiting for? 

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Explore the beauty of the Schlei

Would you like to explore the beauty of the Schlei? Then a canoe tour through this breathtaking area is just what you need! As you glide comfortably on the water, you can enjoy the picturesque landscape to the fullest. The Schlei is known for its idyllic riverside landscapes, which are lined with forests, meadows and fields. Here you will also find numerous small towns and villages that inspire with their charm and hospitality. If you’re lucky, you might even spot some of the rare animal species that live in the Schlei on your canoe tour. So grab your canoe and be enchanted by the beauty of the Schlei!

Some interesting places on the Schlei

When exploring the Schlei by canoe, there are many interesting places to visit. One of these is the idyllic fishing village of Maasholm , known for its quaint houses and historic harbour. Here you can buy fresh fish straight from the cutter and relax in one of the cozy cafés in the harbor. Another place not to be missed is the city of Schleswig with its imposing Gottorf Castle and the Viking Museum Haithabu. Here you can immerse yourself in history and learn more about the Vikings and their way of life. The town of Kappeln is also worth a visit. Here you will find the historic harbor that served as a backdrop for the popular TV series “The Country Doctor”. In Kappeln there are also many small shops and cafés where you can enjoy regional specialties. These places are just a few examples of the many interesting places you can discover along the Schlei. 

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How to organize and plan the trip

Sie haben beschlossen, die Schlei mit dem Kanu zu erkunden und nun fragen Sie sich, wie Sie am besten Ihre Reise organisieren und planen können. Zunächst sollten Sie sich überlegen, wie viele Tage Sie unterwegs sein möchten und welche Route Sie nehmen möchten. Es gibt verschiedene Möglichkeiten, die Schlei zu befahren, je nachdem, ob Sie eher die Natur oder die Städte entlang der Schlei erkunden möchten. Als nächstes sollten Sie sich um die Unterkunft kümmern. Es gibt zahlreiche Campingplätze entlang der Schlei, auf denen Sie Ihr Zelt aufschlagen können. Wenn Sie lieber in einer Ferienwohnungen oder Ferienhaus übernachten möchten, dann sollten Sie hier vorbeischauen. Denken Sie auch daran, dass Sie genügend Verpflegung mitnehmen. Es gibt zwar einige Restaurants und Cafés entlang der Schlei, aber Sie sollten nicht darauf vertrauen, dass Sie immer mit Ihrem Kanu überall anlegen können. Packen Sie also genug Proviant ein, um sich während der Kanutour zu stärken. Wenn Sie noch nie mit dem Kanu unterwegs waren, sollten Sie sich vorab über die richtige Technik informieren und eventuell einen Kurs besuchen. Auch die richtige Ausrüstung, wie zum Beispiel Schwimmwesten und wasserdichte Taschen sollten Sie nicht vergessen. 

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