Which Baltic Sea islands are there?

Wohnwiese mit Leuchturm im Hintergrund

You don’t necessarily have to travel far for a holiday by the sea – at least not within Germany. The German Baltic Sea has a lot to offer here. On the Baltic Sea you will find endless dream beaches, many undiscovered landscapes and lots of fresh sea air that you can breathe in your face. But which Baltic Sea islands are there? We have summarized it for you. 

How many Baltic Sea islands are there? 

There are a total of six inhabited islands on the German Baltic Sea.

These are the islands of Rügen, Usedom, Fehmarn, Poel, Ummanz and Hiddensee. 

But now the question arises: Which federal state do these German Baltic Sea islands actually belong to? Only the island of Fehmarn belongs to Schleswig-Holstein. The other six Baltic Sea islands are part of Mecklenburg-West Pomerania. 

Which Baltic Sea island is the most beautiful? 

This question is just as difficult to answer as whether it is better to go on holiday on the Baltic Sea or the North Sea . Each island exudes its very own charm. Everyone has to decide for themselves based on their gut feeling or their preferences. 

So that you don’t forget anything on your next holiday on the coast, we have put together a checklist for you: 

Checklist for your holiday on the Baltic Sea

How do I reach the Baltic Sea island? 

The best way to get to the islands of Rügen, Fehmarn and Hiddensee is by train via Stralsund’s main train station – in the high season there is a regular ferry service. If you are coming from southern Germany, the best way to travel is by plane. Take Rostock or Lübeck as your destination airport. From there you can best reach all German Baltic Sea islands. 

Why vacation on an island and not on the mainland? 

Now you know that you would like to go on holiday to the Baltic Sea, but you are still unsure whether to go to an island or to the mainland? Again, everyone has to decide for themselves. Of course, being on the mainland has some advantages. On the one hand, you can easily travel there by car and you don’t have to book any other means of transport such as ferries or planes – which in turn is easy on the wallet. And on the other hand is the infrastructure and the leisure facilitiesa lot bigger than on an island. Especially if you are traveling with children, the mainland offers a lot more leisure activities than an island. If you decide to spend a holiday on the Baltic Sea in the region of Kappeln/Olpenitz, you have a variety of leisure activities there, such as the Tolk Schau leisure park , the Gettorf zoo or the Altenhof high ropes course

The health aspect 

Many people wonder if the air quality on a Baltic Sea island is better than on the mainland. The answer is: No! Many doctors recommend a holiday by the sea, especially if you have health problems such as lung diseases or similar – it doesn’t matter whether you’re on the island or on the mainland. The stimulating climate by the sea is known for its health-promoting effects and has already contributed to many healing successes. The Baltic Sea has a very oxygen-rich air in the coastal forests. 

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